This is so new to me, I have a facebook but don’t use it or go into it, I don’t blog, I don’t twitter or anything else. I’ve always been a private person but I’m at a point where I feel I need to stop bending my husbands ear and I don’t have any close friends (acquaintances but no friends)to talk to. My mother is great but she always looks at me like I’m breathing my last breath and words of encouragement are NOT encouraging (their quite the opposite). It’s amazing to see so many people out there “like me”… I had no clue. You’d think I live out in the country secluded from the world but no I live in southern california right smack in the middle of the rush of things.
Thank you everyone for sharing
I’m far from complaining, I’m just glad there’s someone out there who truly understands.
I’ve been a nurse for 17 years and everyday I listen to and hear people talk about their problems that I forgot how important it is to do the same (of course not to my patients :slight_smile:

Thanks again for listening and sharing.

If my mother had her way – 27+ years ago, I would have sat in a rocking chair, twiddling my thumbs, making sure nothing else would go wrong!! I married the guy who held my hand in ICU for my first hemorrage, 26 years and counting. But, yea, there are times I feel like you just discribed! Surrounded by people. . .

But, hey, the sun is shining today and its not snowing in SW Minnesota!!