Hi to all and thank you for such a warm welcome to the site. My brother-in law was diagnosed with a AVM on his brain at the end of Jan 2009. He had a fit on the night of 27th Jan and my sister called an ambulance, it took the paramedics 35mins to awaken him. He was taken to hospital where he discovered he could not move his leg properly after a scan he was told that he had suffered a hemorrage and a stroke…and that the scan had shown an abnormality but they did not know what it was…but after a call to Kings was told it was a AVM. He was sent home after just 1 day in hospital and told that he was to go to Kings as an out-patient. A week later me and my sister took him back to hospital because he had a blinding headache and tunnel vision. He was in A&E for 2-3 days because they didn’t know what to do with him!!! He was finally moved to a ward and was told that he was being transfered to Kings as soon as they had a bed. 7 days later he was taken to Kings where they did more tests etc and he was on complete bed rest. As it turns out his AVM is 6.5 cm big and the mass involves the two main blood vessels that supply the brain with blood. He is now home and is being reviewed again in 6 months as they are not sure if they can operate due to the size and content of the AVM. We have found some really informative websites to read up on his condition. I know that my brother in law and sister are finding things really hard, he cannot work at present and they now think he suffering night epilesy. He has been told that if he has another bleed he may not survive it due to the size so he feels like a ticking time bomb!!! We are a close knit family and were completly stunned when all this happened and I had never heard of an AVM before.

Hi Rachel, hows you brother in law doing now? i had the same thing happen to me on the 15th march, i had no idea anything like that would have happened.
Getting better now. Take care ok