Hello Shalon :-)

Good morning Shalon,

I am thinking of you and your meeting with the plastic Surgeons today. I am offering up many prayers that all will go well. You are a beautiful person and have already helped me to be more positive and not give up.

All the best :-)

Kathy Kahle

I have been thinking of her too. I hope that she got all her questions answered and is feeling a bit better. Somehow she always finds the strength to dig deep and keep on goin’. SUCH an amazing girl.
Thank you for posting this, Kathy

Hello Joy,
Thank you for your comment. It is wonderful to hear from someone who knows how difficult living with an AVM can be. I am not too good at getting around this site yet (must be an age thing, haha), but just opening my page and seeing your post to me makes me smile :slight_smile: I am so very happy I discovered this web site!
Have a great day,