Hello "New Me"

I think I know what to do now - for myself..I have to let go the "OLD ME" and say "Hello" to the "NEW ME" - whren I always ahold on to the past - I have no chance for a new beginning..to accept my new self...So I wanna say Welcome to my NEW ME - Things always change in life, maybe not this fast and severe...but who says that this change must be worse than it was before..maybe i should give it a chance and just accept it..maybe its better than before.....So HELLO NEW ME!!!!

I love it! I too have had the same problem.... I kinda liked the 'old me" so its been painful to let go! BUT, I do like the ripping off the bandage approach! Fast and with complete purpose! And to celebrate that I had a 1st date last night! For the 1st time in 20 years I went out on a 1st date! WooooHooo! Welcome to the party 'New Me'!!!!! Cheers to all of us survivors celebrating the 'new me! We ARE Butterflys aren't we!?

Love your positivity, Manux!

What a great way to look at it. I'm just realizing that I am never going to be the same. I've really been struggling with accepting who I am now. Your "Hello New Me" helped me see that I need to give myself credit on how far I have come, try to appreciate that, and maybe even relax a little!

That's a great attitude Manux. While there are some things I miss about the old me (working and driving spring to mind) I'm kinda learning to like the new me more. I certainly have my limitations, but I'm happy. I'm almost always positive (we all have a bad day here and there). That's more than I can say about a lot of people.

So this is the first time I have logged on in ages! It is the very first blog that I see. What a fabulous post. I'm dealing with the same thing that is acknowledging my "new normal". I'm not there yet. I think it might be a while. But I completely get what you're saying so, hello new you.

HELLO to the "New You" Manux!!!

Thx for all ur responds...u know...I am just tired o stressing myself, coz I think I have to know this..or got to be able to do that...but who defines that??? Only me...so...we all are new ones..and I love the thought that we all are better ones..its not easy to get there..but its possible,,stay positive an take care....XXXX

Way to go Manux!!! :::: waving :::: Hello you! GREAT post. You are definitely on your way. Congrats! :J