Hello little lumpy

I woke up this morning about 1am and felt really strange, i thought i just couldn't sleep because i had such a nice night out with a friend the night before. But as i got more and more conscious i could feel that my left hip still felt really funny (it's been playing up since last thursday). i touched it to see if it was ok and didnt expect that i would find a lump of the left side of my Hip/Groin. it shouldn't be a bleed as the last surgery i had was 2 1/2 months ago but i am a little concerned i guess. I've decided that straight after work i am going to head to the hospital to get it checked out and fingers crossed it is just an ingrown hair but i dont think it is because i went and saw my beauty therapist (she's so close to where i work, right across the hallway infact!) and we cant see anything.

I just hope its not a blood clot!!

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this before?

it could be a little bit of infection or a scar tissue lump where it is still healing? best to get it checked out anyway - maybe to your doctor?

He is based at Auckland City Hospital so i figure its best to at least go there where i have had all procedures done so far, i have an appointment coming up with him but it’s not until the 1st of june. i’m not sure about the scar tissue but it could be, its about 3-4cm below where my angio cathater went into the artery in Feb so who knows!