Hello, I'm Magster way up in Alaska!

oN jUNE 14, 2021 i HAD THE WORST HADACHE of my live.
Thank God I called 911 around1 pm by 10 pm I hd brain surgery with a 10% chance of survival and a 5% chance to come back to how I am today.
I have little to no therapy, doctors here are not very knowlegable or helpful so I am planing on going to FL for the winter in search of better help. I found BAF through youyube videos I been doing reseRCH with. Love those videos
Sadly I can not be on the PC or phone for long my neurologist wants to prevent a seizure.
I am looking for specialiata in FL, eye exercises. any and all support is welcome. My husbND TRIES BUT IS lao atressed and throws himself into work, my kids are of no help and many friends have left since I am no longer an asset to them…sdly only a few remained but they too have lives.
thanks for reading. Looking forward to becoming an super active member here.

Excuse the spelling. my left vision was affected big time.

on the search for specialists in FL

A warm welcome to you, Magster. We’re really glad that you found us, and we hope that being here is helpful to you.

This community is friendly and dynamic, and if you reach out to them, they will become your new best friends.

You’re looking for a doctor in Florida. Have you tried using the magnifying glass and doing a search? If you can find a recent thread about docs in Florida, post on the thread, and the others on the conversation will be notified of your post.

You could also start your own thread about finding a doctor in Florida. Do you have people there who you can stay with? To start your thread, click on the butterfly (top left) and then on the blue circle with the plus sign (bottom right). The rest explains itself.

Again, welcome here. I hope we can help.


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Thank you I am still not a lot on pc but so far this group sounds great. Ill be back :wink:

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