AVM Survivors Network

Hello I am Lee

Hi am Lee from Barbados West Indies. I am an AVM survivor since July 1997. I had my AVM surgically removed after an incomplete embolization. I was supposed to have a follow up angiogram but never bothered but i have made to 50 this year.

So i am thankful to God and brilliant surgeons in Venezuela.

I am thankful for the forum to share my experiences, hopefully i can encourage some as i know the experience that other are going through.

I still have my anxious moments when i have twitching in finger and headaches in right frontal lobe but these are rare and unexpected events but these events do carry me back to those days of seizure, misdiagnosis and medications.

For those still under the doctor’s care be strong and positive. Try hard not to be anxious and fearful.

Bye for now.

Hey Lee!

Welcome to AVM survivors! It’s great to have you in the team and hear some of your story.

Whenever you feel the need for communion or support, just shout up. That’s what we are here for.

I discovered my dural fistula in 2016 aged 50 and finally got it embolised about a year later. It was quite a shock to discover and it has taken me a long time to get back into the groove but I’m doing just fine today.

It’s good to hear from you and to reach round the world to say “hi”.

Very best wishes,