Hello. How are you doing? I'm doing poorly

I haven’t been here for a long time. Really never liked this site because it was always so hard to navigate. Anyway my avm causing striff as usual. I spend most of my time in bed because my avm keeps me fatigued. Either that or my lovely diabetes that Someone wants me to have. But i guess eating right, and getting plenty of sleep, exercise, and water doesn’t matter when you have a lovely Avm. Really i told God my diabetes was enuff. You know, people don’t know how lucky they are to have good health. I wonder what that is like?? Well i guess like my religious members tell me, things will get better after death. Hmm…should i believe that? Anyway I’m getting sleepy again…bedtime for me.

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Hi Alison, it is great to see you back for a visit. Sorry to hear your experience with the site is not great. I’m used to it now so find it pretty friendly, but like all new tech stuff for me, it took a fair bit of time. I am fortunate to have a 16 and 18 year old still at home who are a “wee” bit better in this tech world than me!

It sounds like you’re having some challenges for sure. I’m a big sleep, diet and exercise advocate as a starting point, but certainly a proponent of engaging with the medical world if needed. Are you able to manage your blood sugars pretty well? I know my fatigue level is something I try to manage, but really need to pay attention, but I don’t have diabetes that I believe can impact energy. I don’t know too much but I would certainly be having a conversation with my Dr. to see if there was some options.

Sorry I can’t be much help, and likely not putting anything out there you don’t already know. Take Care, John.


Hi @Alison I agree with about the site I have been on here ten years and prefer the og version and I used to build trading systems.
I can’t imagine diabetes on top of an AVM. I do have a genetic disorder called EDs and TOS sometimes I the TOS makes me bed bound and super nauseous .
I wonder if you have a vitamin deficiency.
I had a super low vit b12 and found out the most common one that starts with a c that they give us has cyanid in it and I was never getting better the M type is much better for us.
Hugs Angela