Hello from UK

I have been a member for some time but this is my first post. I am from the UK and had a bleed last October whilst at my holiday home in Spain. After a lot of appointments and delays I have been to Sheffield and met with Neurosurgeon, Radio Nurse, Nurse for medical and had bloods taken. I am awaiting Radiosurgery for my grade 3 AVM which is deep in my brain.

I have been left with some right sided weakness, some memory problems and terrible vision which they are still playing around with. I think I will end up with a blank contact lense in my left eye as right is my best eye naturally. Apparently I score 3 on my eye test which is borderline for surgery to try and improve.

Oh and I forgot to mention I still get quite tearful especially when I see people for the first time so this post is part of the healing process hopefully.

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Welcome, I’m sorry to hear about everything that’s happening. I have a deep grade 3 AVM just treated 2 weeks ago in the right thalamus from gamma knife. I hope you get a response for your gamma knife surgery quickly.

Hi Christine, I’m sorry to hear about your bleed and after effects. I have a grade 4 occipital AVM which bled two years ago. I lost some peripheral vision and it took a year or two to really recover from brain fog. I’m all good now. I also had gamma knife at Sheffield. They have a lot of experience and I feel grateful to have been treated there, now it’s a waiting game and I’m two gears post gamma awaiting a scan. All the best and I do hope your sight improves.

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