Hello everyone I'm here for anyone that needs a stern but supportive word

I’m Jerrod I’m a 16 year AVM survivor. I’ve since my diagnosis, Im walking with no aids. Have received my high school diploma. And haven’t let my limitations define me. I know how blessed I am seeing one of my best friends encounter an AVM in his mid-20’s, and another best friends’ grandmother encountered hers around the time of mine. I’ve already have had a young woman ask about her fences’ condition, even with her positive thinking, I couldn’t lie and say that her hopes were even 80% was plausible. I’m here for anyone.


Tex, you serve as an inspiration here at AVM Survivors. As a refresher for our newer members, can you tell us your story again? :slight_smile:

Hi Tex and thanks for your offer :) , I too have been very positive through my journey and look forward to reading more of yours. Isn't it amazing that with such a rare disease you know a few people that its affected directly :( , Take care


No problem Tim and Martin, I’m blessed to be able to share my story and encourage others to push on, my motto since the age of nine when I encountered this blessing. Is my worst is behind me and I’ve got a lot to offer to this world and have inspired so many friends and people I’ve encountered on here. I’m not so much on here for myself but to give, if nothing else a glimpse of hope, like I did with Ms.Haley. I encountered my stroke at the age of nine after sitting down at my kitchen table to finish my homework. I had been a normal southern raised boy living in Mobile, Alabama. After being stabilized there after encountering my Category 3 AVM . I was flown to Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Dallas, Texas. Had my actual nine hour surgery. Was released by the hospital, stayed with my uncle for a few more weeks just so Dr.Scott could keep an eye on it. I get released. I’m back in Alabama go through rehab and homeschool. I check back into public school in fifth grade. Move on, I move to Lubbock,Tx; I receive my High school diploma in 09. I achieve one of my main goals I set when I encountered my AVM(Graduating High School). And spreading my outlook of hope. There’s the gist of what I’ve overcome. I’ve been the one that even without a emotional support group for my darkest days, I’ve had the luxury of encouraging others. I’ve found the grace of God to help me through my darkest days. Tex

That’s awesome, Tex. Staying positive, setting goals and inspiring others, you have a lot to be proud of.
We may have crossed paths at some point. I’m currently living in AL, and also lived in Lubbock for a few years. It’s a small world, Tex. :slight_smile:

Tim are you using doctors in Mobile AL?

I’m seeing some some docs in Huntsville, but travel to Emory in Atlanta for my AVM.

Wish you the best Tim and the surgery was in May of 2000. Don’t remember much from then but, telling myself like I’ve stated in other articles you can beat this.