Hello again, everyone

I haven’t been here in a very long time, so we have much to catch up on…

…the most important part is the fact that I’ve come home finally after almost a year and a half of being in in-patient facilities. I now go to an out-patient facility where I oftentimes use our county’s Able-Ride for handicapped passengers in able to attend physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

I am a little more hopeful now about my left hemiplegia in transferring to this new facility. I don’t think this hope will ever die. I will always believe in my heart that I can make a great recovery from my stroke and rise again from my fall.

My occupational therapists have told me that I sadly can’t make a 100% recovery from my incident and that I can cope with my physical challenge, but I am very determined to do whatever it takes to make my future a brighter one.

Jill, good to hear from you. There is so much you can still offer the world. Do not despair.

And there’s nothing wrong if you never want to give up hope. Some people need to give up hope to move on. Some people need hope just to keep going. Whatever works for you is the right way.

They say you wont make 100% recovery, dont take that as a final answer. They told me my son would not live and if he did he would 100% be paralyzed on the right side and possibly from the neck down. My son lived and has some paralysis but he is learning to walk and with modern medicines will possible regain useage of his right arm. His speech is worrying me but I have faith in our creator. Prayer has brought us this far, and I will continue to pray long as I have the ability. I will pray for your continued progress also.

Hi Jill,

Glad you now get to go to an outpatient facility. When I showed my doctor in September that I could lift my arm, he confessed that he had been worried about me but was happy that I was able to use my arm. So go into therapy believing that you will recover. Glad you checked in to update us.

Take care,