Heart and stroke fondation

It is through our action that we can make a difference. Avm's can cause stokes and effect hearts. I am reaching out to help raise money for our cause. I had a stroke March 8 2012, and will be walking in a heart and stroke walk October 6 2012. I will be carrying you all in my thoughts as I track a mile in honor of our group! We might not be able to changes our situations, but we can fight to make a difference!

Link for donations:

I applaud you for your efforts, proactivity & fighting spirit!!! :)

Thank you Patti! I know with our economy and condition that finances or tight for most! Your words of encouragement means so much to me! Wither I reach my goal or not, I am going to proudly walk with everyone on this site in my heart!

I forgot to ask if someone will take pics of your participation?
Cheering you on!

I have two people that are going to come with me. I was planing on posting pictures of the walk. I want to buy us each a Ben's friend pin to represent all the avm patients, and have a few names that I am going to write on the shirt as well. I am excited about being able to participate! I very excited knowing that this event will make a difference!