Hearing voices and hallucinations after surgery?

My mom had embolization about three months ago. She still hears sound of blooding rush through although at a lesser degree than before. And now she is experiencing symptoms of hearing voices of people calling her name or people arguing angrily. I am really worried and would like to know if this is typical. Thank you for sharing!

I do not believe it is typical but every brain AVM recovery is different. I did a search on here for you…
Perhaps there is something there that might help you and your mother. It does look like some members had visual hallucinations. Once again I would urge you to call your Mom’s doctors. They may not be aware of her situation.

Barbara- Really appreciate your help. I am going to share it with my mom. It will make her feel better knowing that she is not alone.


Hearing voices can be a type of seizure, and seizures are pretty common with AVMs.

Like Barbara said, make sure that your mom's neurosurgeon (whoever did the embolization) knows about the voices. It's not a typical outcome, so the doctor will want to know that it's going on, especially since it's new.

If that doctor doesn't have an answer, or if s/he says that they're seizures, you can make an appointment with an epileptologist (a neurologist who specializes in seizures).

You can look up an epileptologist here: http://www.aesnet.org/find-a-dr/find-a-doctor-epilepsy-com

Let us know what you find out!

i dont have advice but i just wanted to say that i thought the sound of whooshing in the ears was normal. i've heard it all my life. i've asked ppl since i was a kid if they heard it too, everyone said yes but only sometimes. i heard it ALL the time. i've never been in complete silence because of it and thought it was normal, when i was in a quiet room, i thought the sound was that "deafening silence" ppl have always refered to. now, of course, i understand that saying/phrase in a completely different way.
also, at night--all this is before my bleed--just before i would fall asleep, i would hear voices. it would start with my name. once low then a second time very loud, like a yell (almost every night)sometimes, if it took a while for me to fall asleep, i could swear id hear the tv on in the living room, or ppl talking thru walls when there was no room on the other side of the wall (or ppl). i also asked other ppl if they heard the same thing, almost everyone said yeah, but just their name, not other voices like the tv. so, these noises occurred all the way until after my crani. i had 2 embos (1 was unsuccessful) and i still heard it all, the whooshes most especially--which freaked me out the most. but i havent really heard too much since the crani--only occassionaly, i guess in the way "normal" ppl hear things.

I agree with that her docs need to know, but if she is still hearing her blood pressure in her head her AVM might not be fixed yet or she has too high blood pressure. She may think that she’s hearing voices but it could just be a misinterpretion by her brain. When my blood pressure skyrockets, I hear things that sound like talking. I don’t have an AVM but do have a heart problem. When I get to around 150/90 my heart starts going into a-fib, starts skipping beats, throws pvc’s and I start looking like I’m having a heart attack. My son who does have an AVM says he can hear funny things too when he gets bad headaches.

I want to share this. I thought i was loosing my mind about a couple of days after the surgery. I was seeing things. Hallucinations from the morphin? Or from my hrain injury. Not sure. I saw a ghost when i was in ICU. In any case, my Doc told me it was my brain trying to heal. Not to worry but you still need to let the doctor know everything..... Good Luck...

I had slight hallucinations after my crani too - when i wA LOOKING IN A ROOM I COULDNT TELL U IF THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THERE OR NOT - in one moment I saw them and in the other moment they were gone -::::i saw things and shapes, little things or animals crawling on the floor. objects standing in my way - such things.....but i thought it was my brain - trying to process...meanwhile - i am 4 months after crani - they all disapeared.But i would surely tell my neorologist or psychologist about that -

Thank you everyone for your support and sharing your experience. My mom is scheduled for a followup with her doctor and possibly a CT to see any changes in her brain post embolization. (She still hears whooshing sound which has moved from right ear to left ear since ambo.) She didn't experience hearing angry voices or visual hallucinations of people she knows getting upset, yelling, or pacing back and forth right after the surgery. It seems a stressful event at around the holidays made her extremely anxious (she is in her 3rd month of recovery), triggering loss of sleep and hallucinations. She said she is doing better now.

I had this issue after surgery but that was caused by the brain swelling & drugs...i hope all works out for you guys...God bless