Hearing loss

Has anyone lost part of their hearing due to an AVM? I had 2 embolisations within my occipital lobe and have been left with a visual impairment and hearing loss. I don’t know whether it is connected to my Avm or not.


Hi. I had a Stroke during a cerebral embolisation of an AVM and one of the many symptoms is reduced hearing in my left ear. I would ask ur surgeon cos it may be the AVM or embolisation

Susan - I'm a bit different in that my AVM is in my left shoulder and neck, but I have hearing issues from my AVM. Almost constantly, I can hear my pulse in my ears, a LOT of pressure in them and in many ways my hearing has been impacted. Not quite enough to justify hearing aids but yes it's definitely connected. My doctor says the risks associated with trying to "fix" that - risk of total hearing loss and more - is worse than the nuisance of what I've got. So I press on as I am.......

Hi Susan I also had an AVM in my occipital lobe. I had 2 embolisations followed by a gamma knife procedure in March 2015. I don’t seem to have hearing problems more than I had prior to the procedures. I do experience sight problems though. I seem to have ‘sight disturbance’ similar to migraines but this doesn’t stop. Also have weird sensations in my head where the AVM was.

What are your sight problems like? Do you have twinges, stabbing pains in your head?

It’s horrible knowing that you’ve got an AVM. It’s like having an alien in your head!

Hi, Susan - I had a crani to remove my AVM (cerebellum near brain stem) and I’ve had hearing loss. I’m supposed to go see the audiologist but I’ve been putting it off :confused: ann

What a fascinating question--I have definitely no longer as good hearing as when I was younger. I am 70 now, 3 years ago, I had one large vein embollized in 2 different surgical procedures. It never has occurred to me to connect my hearing with my AVM.

I am interested in hearing other people's responses.

How much of a hearing loss are you experiencing?


Hi, my daughter has AVM of entire right ear, surrounding scalp and down onto her neck. She is 5 1/2 years old and as of last Tuesday, has had 17 surgeries. To this point, she does not have hearing loss, but does hear the wooshing and bruit in her ear now and is starting to alert me when she hears it. I can only imagine in the future if we cannot control her AVM, she will hear a stronger bruit. Thankfully, okay so far.

Hi Susan. We are from Serbia in Europe. Our situation... The AVM was been in masseter muscle, after embolization and surgical resection my daughter is lost her hearing. The doctors were very surprised, they told us that this loss are not in connection with AVM and operation. I think that is ridiculously... Her ear canal is very skewed. Doctors from Germany have told us that the damage may be mechanical...

I had craniotomy in 2013 for removal of an a man in left temporal parietal area, along with clipping of aneurysm on left middle cerebral artery. I have fairly significant hearing loss which may be age related, as well as effect of my intracranial issues/surgery. I am 75 year old female, very active, I started wearing hearing aids one year ago and they work very well. I would suggest seeing a highly qualified audiologist for evaluation. Ask your neurologist to refer you to a good one… There are a lot of shysters around who are not really qualified except to sell shoddy hearing aids! Good luck!

I have some hearing loss on the left side. My bleed was in my brain stem. I lost some facial nerves, 1 of which was involved in hearing. This is a question that is good for your nuero as a hyperbaric oxygen chamber may offer some improvement.

Hi, I had an AVM repair and aneurysm clipped in my cerebellum about two and a half years ago. It seems as thought I have had some hearing loss in my left ear. The doctors of course say it's not related. They also say my dizziness and nausea is also not related. The doctors have not experienced all that we have. They, thankfully, know how to repair our problems but they don't know how we feel and how we function. Good luck, Howard

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My AVM was in the thalamus and I have a ringing in my right ear that I have grown used to. I also have lose of some hearing.

Hi Susan,

I am sorry that you are having to deal with this.

My hearing issue is the opposite of yours so I was hesitant to respond. My AVM is in the spinal cord tissue at the base of my brain down to C-2. My most recent bleed was in 2011 and it caused me a mess of neurological problems. One is that I now suffer from hyperacusis.

Sound is physically painful for me, it is as if I am being hit upside the head. I no longer am able to filter out background noise, like other conversations in a public setting. Loud and especially what I call sharp sounds are intolerable. Since I cannot shut off my hearing I need to be careful of where I go. I rarely go out in public because there will inevitably be a multitude of sounds coming from every direction. The pain it generates along with the confusion that ensues because my brain is overwhelmed makes for an entertaining spectacle for those around me. I tend to resemble Rainman if it gets too bad and I can't get away.

So, no, mine is not a hearing loss but it is an auditory problem due (in)directly to the AVM. I think in both of our cases our brains have suffered damage to a portion that processes auditory information. Yours may be from your brain swelling due to the glue being injected, I don't know. Mine is because blood is an irritant to brain tissue and it is located where all the nerves leave the brain, like a air traffic control tower. Whatever it is we've both suffered damage.

I've prayed for you. Don't give up hope, it may just take some time. I hope I was of some kind of help.

God Bless,


My 7 year old has had 4 embolizations by 10 months old. She has always been followed by audiology and opthamology yearly. Last year she went from mild to moderate in 1 ear. And she has been in glasses since she was 11 months. We were told that the position of her AVM could affect her hearing and/or vision.

After my AVM of the Cerebellum I am left with double vision hearing was not affected

Double Vision here as well. Tried surgery and prism glasses.

Susan-I had an unruptured avm embolized right near the base of my spinal cord 2 years ago. I suffered total hearing loss in one ear and partial in the other. At present I have 97% hearing in one and 88% in the other. A local ent said nothing could be done, but I had an opinion from a neurootologist who told me a hearing aid might help me in the ear that I complained about and it is awesome! My life is vastly improved-in crowded situations I still have difficulty following conversations, but I am so glad that I didn't take the first opinion.Dr. Kwartler in Summit,NJ is his name at Summit Medical Group.

Hi Susan, sorry to hear about your vision and hearing issues. I pray that over time they will resolve in your favor. The embolizations can have traumatic effect as the material they use takes time for the body th adjust so I am hoping in your case it is just a temporary side effect from the procedure. My AVM completely covers my left ear and the area just to the rear of my ear. My hearing is OK with exception of the heartbeat and swooshing sounds I experience everyday, especially when I physically exert myself like climbing a fight of stairs, etc. know this isn’t much help, hope you get better soon! Regards, Steve

When I had my AVM I was running on a treadmill and I became lightheaded and dizzy. I was able to stop myself and the next thing I new I blacked out and when I woke my neck was killing me and I had double vision in my left eye. When I was brought to the hospital I was diagnosed with an AVR that precipitate 3 aneurysms. I had 2 separate embolizations to repair all the aneurysms and most of the AVM. When I woke after the first embolization I lost hearing in my left ear. It took about 2 weeks before I could hear anything, but my hearing never came back completely and my vision gradually came back to normal. I don’t require any hearing devices. The worst part about my hearing is whispers come across as a muffled sound. I consider myself very lucky, all things considering.

My son did with that but once they removed the avm everything is back to normal now