Healing process after Craniotomy

Had Craniotomy for AVF & AVM On November 3rd. The incision was closed using staples leaving a large ridge across my forehead. While the staples have been removed does the ridge ever flatten out? I massage my forehead but it is hard to move. The back portion of the incision on my head feels dead, no movement. Does it take a long period of time for nerve endings to regenerate? Is there any type of physical therapy I should be doing as far as my head is concerned? Any information appreciated. Rich

The top of my head was numb for maybe a month after the craniotomy. The feeling is normal now. I had trouble using facial muscles just from the amount of swelling. Once the swelling went down I noticed a divot inward on my left temple which is permanent. Other people, like my father, have narrow scars and no divots/indentations after their craniotomy.

Rich, While I cannot remember exactly how long it took after my cran, now you wouldn't even know I had one. As you know, it takes time for the healing process...Hang in there!