Healing activities

Isn't it amazing the things that can take your mind off of something that haunts you every day? For me, I loooovvvveee to cook, and bake. I am Italian, and love to be in the kitchen for myself, and my friends and family. I love trying new recipes, and am willing to share for those who are interested. Cooking/baking puts me in a place that no other task can take me. I love to get away while I am in the kitchen pretending that I am cooking for a restaurant. That is one of my dreams, you know? To live AVM free, and cook for those who are willing to sit in a cozy restaurant and eat a genre of home cooked meals. Not this processed stuff that is made in "fast" food, or chain restaurants that get their food pre-cooked. I want to be in the kitchen preparing a feast for happy families, and cook for happy children who are out for their birthday dinner. Maybe one day, I will be able to have children so that I can share my joy of cooking, and secrets with them!

Feeling happy today, keeping busy keeps the mind free of fear!

Have a blessed day everyone, and try some cooking!!!

I'm the same way Whitney. I love to cook and especially bake. I subscribe to dozens of cooking magazines just so I can scour them for new recipes. My family never know what to expect from me for dinner. I'm trying to build a data base or something to put all of my recipes in. Something can sort by main ingredient? That way I can maybe get rid of the hundreds of magazines I have laying around! I tend to be a bit dangerous in the kitchen these days so I have to be extra careful and not cook when I'm particularly tired. I've started a couple of small fires so my husband doesn't like me to cook or bake when I'm alone. I'd love it if you would share one of your favorite recipes with me. I'm particularly fond of Italian cooking so I'm sure you've got something great. I got away from all of the processed food a couple of years ago and am really trying to eat all organic and use mainly local produce, It's hard to find some things and it's pricey too. Worth it in the long run I think. Bon Appetit!

It really is helpful to do all the things you love...it is positive energy that truly healps. Stay Strong and Stay Positive! PS Can I come to your house for dinner...I'm really hungry and I love italian food!

I used to LOVE a vegetable Lasagne, with Spinache, onions, mushrooms, zucchini and whole sliced tomatoes, I made it so often we began to prefer it to the traditional version!You know Whitney, I have my own children, and had I the chance to live this life over, there are So many kiddos out there,all over this planet, craving sound and love filled homes, there is a saying, if you have arms to hug, you can be a mother, so don'y give up hope! Being a parent is so much more than giving birth! Good luck and consider my vegetable Lasagne!


I have a great one for you that my brother showed me off of the show "the chew." Make yourself a pizza crust, I prefer easy pizza crust off of allrecipes.com...once you have the dough rolled out, fill one with some alfredo(homemade, or bertolli) steam some broccolli, and add some chicken and motzerella (chop the chicken, fry in tiny bit of olive oil and tablespoon of chicken) spread it all over the dough, and roll like a burrito,cut slits in top to prevent dough explosion, add olive oil and cheese on top, preheat oven to 450 and bake 15 to 20 Min You will LOVE it!


Funny thing is I get so excited I make enough to feed a full highschool football team lol...I can't help it! It is like when you are born Italian, you are born to cook in mass quantities and mass quantities only! Come on OVER!!!


I am not too much of a fan of veggie lasagna, I am more a traditional gurl. The only other lasagna I have tried and liked was a chicken brocolli alfredo lasagna. DELICIOUS!!! But thank you, I am sure I could try it some time as a party dish!

Sounds good Jim!

I like to cook my pasta sauce all day, and a trick I learned from my grandfather is hardboiled eggs. Hardboil the eggs, shell em, and put the whole egg in the sauce...They are the best eggs you will ever taste, and goes great with spaghetti!

Hi Whitney. Same here! Cooking has been therapeutic to me while recovering from GammaKnife. I like trying out new recipes (usually given to me by friends and family, and some that I find in magazines). I would always invite my friends to my house so I can make dinner and desert for them. Whenever a member of my family has a birthday, I always offer to make desert. Sometimes I would try a new desert recipe and bring it in to work for my coworkers to try. Cooking or baking always puts me in a good mood, and makes me look forward to seeing how the end product would turn out!

All the best to you!

Leslye, I see it everywhere, but what is Gammaknife surgery? Is there any surgery involved, or is it a form of radiation? I was just wondering lol like to keep my options open for my future treatment...Jim, red sauce is not too bad, my secret is sugar (takes the bite away from tomato sauce), bay leaves, marjoram and oregano...Plus, try those eggs in it, AMAZING!!!