This is a interesting link. I think I mentioned it back in March of 2014. I recently revisited it regarding emotion and behavioral issue when you have brain disease or trauma. Hope this is helpful for all.


Thanks so much for sharing this!
I feel that all the great neurosurgeons & HCP's fall short by not having long-term surveys w/ their pts. to know the true outcome, which would benefit future pts., as well as teach up & coming neurosurgeons. Who better than pts. & spouses who live & breathe CMs & AVMs, & the aftermath of it all?
The average neurosurgical follow-up is @ 6 mos. We as survivors know 6 mos. is only the mere beginning of brain healing. Our experiences often have a physical & emotional impact, yet this is not acknowledged. Years further along, how are patients doing emotionally & physically? What are their deficits? Quality of life?
It seems a 'no-brainer' ;) that long-term surveys would benefit all & provide a useful learning project for the neurosurgical interns.