I had gamma knife surgery last July and reciently been exeriencing really extreme headeaches. I get throbbing sharp pain in my cranotomy scar only. It flashes on for about 10 seconds, on and off, and then stops. My dr, thinks it’s migraines and is trying to put me on medication everyday, I hate taking pills and want to know if it is a common thing.

Hi Monica. I'd say it was very common. I did a search for you on migraines and headaches...



There is also a sub-group on here you may wish to join...


hi monica it is going to be in your life all the time. so you got to take the pills to help you deal with it, that is the only thing that going to help you in the time. I dont like taking pills to be i love to have the pills not that i can’t get now to help me. so if you can get the pills to help, use them. just make sure that the pills is for the AVM and not just for pain. cuause you have seizures that give you headache.