Good Afternoon All,

I had my AVM removed Nov. 08. I had major headaches till Feb. 2010 when I had my first seizure. For a couple of months I had no pain, it was wonderful. Since then the headaches have came back full force and I am in constant pain. My doc doesnt know what to do for me other than give me pain shots. My system is building up tolerence to them so I was just wondering if anyone has/is going thru the same and if you have found something that helps relieve the pain other than a huge needle.

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Hi Christine, This probably won’t be helpful, I still have my AVM. Anyway along with it I get constant migraines. They have never been able to make them go away, just lessen the pain. But, I’ve never had shots either so curious as to what your getting in a shot?
Sheila Hillhouse

Hi Christine
Wish I could help you I also have migraines but they ease up then get bad again so I have some relief. I still have my AVM and I am going through embos and radiation which has helped me to a point. I am not sure what shots you are taking but with my pain medication I also found that cold ice cloths, meditating which helps me with my breathing helps along with the meds. I also use my arm to put pressure on the area that is throbbing. Believe it or not sometimes I leave my tv on at a low volume so I don’t hear the ringing and heartbeat sound which aggravates my migraines more. It is like it takes my mind off of it. Of course I can not always do this because the sound of the tv makes it worse. Along with the ice cloth I also put one of those icy/hot pads you can buy on my neck too. All my best to you.

The docs give me 20 mg of neubaine and when that doesnt work they give me demerol. The demerol works but I cant preform my daily tasks on it and being a mother of three it is very important that I be able to function.

Christine: What kind of shots? I have horrific headache every day; I do yoga daily, meditate and use essential oils which help…unfortunately as a nurse I cannot take meds anymore and even with my four th embo dr. cannot promise my headaches will go away…I am in the process of looking into accupressure accupuncture…I am a beleiver in more alternative as in my own case, I sometimes get rebound headaches from different drugs… If you sned me your mailing address I will sen dyou some meditation tapes…also I get deep tissue massages…they help so so much too… I was wondering you have been my friend… xoxo Mare

I had lots of headaches and body aches after having my AVM embolized and also after pinpoint radiation. The doctor that treated me afterwards is a practical neurologist (kinesiologyst chiropractor). His treatment involved avoiding certain foods I am sensitive to (sugar, eggs, bananas, etc.). Like others, I did simple yoga-a.m. Yoga with Rodney Yee CD and I kept to my daily routine without physical stress that would raise my blood pressure. Take care and get well soon.

Percocet 10-325’s are what I take. They slow me down but it’s worth it. Good luck.