So all of my treatments are done, and I hopefully have nothing else to worry about … except for these headaches. Ever since the initial bleed I have had killer headaches that come everyday and at different times, with no telling what could stop them. I have been taking hydrocodone to ease the pain, but its been over half a year, I technically still need the medicine, and my pediatrician is only going to give me a limited supply. I completely understand where he was coming from when we first went to him for medicine, because I was seeing like four different doctors at the time, all who had given me this pain medicine at different time, and he just wanted to make sure I wasn’t abusing such strong medicine. Since he told me that the last bottle he prescribed was going to be my last unless I truly needed more, my mom and I have been searching for new ways to find relief from my headaches. This sounds simple enough I know, but after 9 motrin in a day and still almost no relief I start to get worried. Recently I haven’t taken any motrin, or the hydrocodone unless I really had to, and have been referring to walks, or even caffeine to find relief. I have noticed that if I don’t eat on time, drink enough, or go to bed at the right time my head does start to hurt bad, of course as most people know this doesn’t exactly fit with a teenager’s lifestyle. My mother took me to a doctor in Carmel who was a headache specialist who, according to the doctor who recommended him, did miracles in fixing headaches. Being completely hopeful I went through with his treatments (even though I hate needles) and still found no relief in the end. Has anyone had the same problems, and have you found any other ways of relief?

Hi Christine,

While my headaches have lessened somewhat after the AVM was removed from my neck, but I have been dealing with chronic neck and back pain and have been taking hydrocodone to relive that pain. Also like you, I have been trying to take it only when necessary. I’ve also tried using Advil, which, like Motrin, is ibuprofen based. But since there have been new warnings out concerning, I feel I also need to watch how much I take of it as well.

I wish I had an answer for a way to ease the pain of your headaches.

Take care,


Hi Christine, I’ve had similar problem, but for me its only during the winter time, and for my neck and foot, due to the spasisity in my left arm. So I’m able to take it a few months, and then just take ibupropen after the coldest winter months.