Hi Everyone,
When do the headaches go away? It’s been over 5 months since surgery &
he’s still getting bad headaches. Any suggestions on what will help?

I got awful headaches too after my surgery, but it only lasted a couple of weeks for me. They gave me good drugs in the hospital for it, regular Tylenol didn’t cut it. I would suggest you speak to the doctor about it. I wouldn’t think that he would still be getting such bad headaches this far out, but what do I know? The doc should at least be able to give you something that will help him. Good luck.

My husband gets headaches every once in a while, as he takes quite a bit of seizure meds he hates to take anything else, such as Advil, Tylenol. I have found if I get a wash cloth wet with very hot water and ring it out and he applies that to his headache area it really helps him.

Hope this helps!