What would you recommend for headaches? My son has started having headaches, his surgery was in August 2010. CT scan us clean . Been giving him Tylenol and Motrin

I would check with a doctor on the Motrin. I believe that's ibuprofen which can thin the blood. My AVM is active and untreated. The neurologist said to avoid NSAIDs and stick to acetomeniphen (Tylenol). Also, the doctor might prescribe something stronger for awhile.

Thank you,so much, Karen. I won’t give him the Motrin. Tylenol seems to help since starting the antibiotics he has not complained if any pain.

Thank you do much, Eileen. I will speak with his therapist.

I would check with your Doctor before giving him anything stronger than Tylenol, just to be safe. My angiogram showed that my AVF embolisation was a success, so I have no restrictions. That includes taking Ibuprofen and Aleve.

I have taken several things(they were perscribed by him). Tramadol (I got a worse headache when it wore off), Darvocet(no longer perscribed, but loved it), Hydro-codone, which I am taking now. And, Tylenol when needed. The Hydro-codone seems to be working right now.