Just curious if anyone has any tips on controlling daily headaches after procedures. I’m coming up on a year after a gamma knife procedure to build scar tissue up on a missed spot from onyx insertion after a brain aneurysm due to ruptured avm (2 years ago). Still getting daily headaches and a weird pinching sensation every once in a while. So hard not to worry about pinching or odd sensations in the head after a traumatic experience such as an aneurysm. Thanks for your time.

Welcome! Hopefully we’ll be able to pass along some of our experience here that is beneficial. I had gamma knife in 2016, and did have some headaches, particularly about 6 months to a year after the procedure. I did not need any steroids, but it is not uncommon to have some swelling quite a while afterwards. I did not need medication, had some odd feelings and my head felt thick. I ensured that I stayed well hydrated. I experienced “ice pick” head aches fairly frequently for. while, sudden sharp pain, lasted a short period of time and then dissipated quickly. These slowly became infrequent and I haven’t had one in several years now. Very scary the first couple of times. All I could think was I was having another bleed.
Always a good idea to talk to the Dr. It could be some swelling that is manageable. Take Care, John.

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