Headaches.....worried the problem is still active!

Hi guys...i had my AVM removed in Feb 2011 and post Angio & CT showed it had been removed but the 1 year MRI i had in Feb this year didnt come out clear so i wasnt assured there was nothing left or regrown again.

As of late i have had a quite bad headaches for the last week...kinda similar to the ones i had prior to my diagnosis & bleed.

Is it common for this to happen...should i risk another scan? I am due to get another scan in Feb 2013, which is my next check up with my neuro. They dont want to subject me to all these scans all the time unless they really need to...only to avoid radiation exposure.

Confused and worried somethings not right....what do you guys think...am i being paranoid? Anyone who has suffered a bleed knows the feeling and to go through this a second time will only break my heart as i have suffered for so long.

God bless & thank you all.

Hi Adrian,
Sorry to hear about your headaches. Have you been refered to a Neurologist for your headaches? He/She should be able to start you on some type of meds to supress same. I have been told by my Neurologist to avoid over the counter headache tablets as continuous use will lead to rebound headaches.
Since my AVM was discovered last March I have had 4 MRI's, 2 CT Scans and 1 Angio. The last MRI detected backflow from my fistula, so it looks like I will have to go through all the same stuff again. If I was in your situation and the headaches continued I would get another scan to rule in/out any problem,
Hope you get better soon,

Your gut feeling is mostly likely right so I would make sure and have a scan to be safe. Good luck kind regards Judy

Thanks for the replies guys. I consulted my GP and he believes its my neck muscle thats causing it but has given me the ok to go and get a CT scan earlier than the Feb 2013 my neuro wanted. His opinion is that from now til Feb next year there isnt a huge gap in time and that i should be able to get a good result now.

Thanks again & God bless you all.

That's great news Adrian. Let us know the results!!

I have had headaches for a few months now since it thrombosed told not to worry about it spoke to loads of specialist as I was too worried just said they are expected brsin healing and lots of anxiety and stress will cause them my headaches are daily and like you say they can’t keep exposing you to radiation my next checkup is 12 months they keep saying to me stop worrying and stop reading stuff on the Internet about avms as we all different.

All the best

Its so much easier said than done though...i feel where your coming from. Its your life & health and its normal we worry about it.

God bless

You are right though I have asked 3 consultants all gave same answer still like you say doesn’t stop the worry it will get better in time and realise you are not thinking about it as much eventually. Also avoid reading up on these things defo doesnt help remember we are all different.

You will be fine been told very rare to return let us know how you get on

All the best

Gday Adrian
I mentioned headaches to my neuro, all on the same side as my ops. Nothing showed up in scans, however he did suggest that with some nerve-ending damage (or not likely to fully recover), when we overstress, it can have some impact. Just so you know, it could be your neck - i sometimes put pressure on my neck and feel the tingling above my right ear. Or maybe I'm just weird?

Thanks Tony that was helpful info mate...God bless

good news, that way you get the good news earlier. Headaches are so common, but always good to trust your instinct (and to relieve your worry). be well!