So today, I wake up with a headache, and bad vertigo…I go to work… I take my two antiverts that my neuro from nj prescribed and I pray I get through my work day. Into the morning, my right hand goes numb and my lower lip? My co workers urged me to call the neuro in nj… so I did… He told me to take two tylenols for the headache. I reminded him that the tylenols don’t work for me, the only meds that do work are vicodines… He will not prescibe them. Oy vay… What to do… So I came home and crashed in bed. I am exhausted from the antivert and also from no answers. I was too wiped to call Dr. Berenstein today, but I will be calling him in the morning…

Wow i hope you are ok…be sure to call Dr in the morning.

Stacey! i hope you are feeling a little better! The numbness in your arm and lip seem worrisome. I find it odd that your doc won’t prescribe you vicodin. I mean really. Even if you were to become a little addicted, what’s the real harm? You are in pain- you need pain management, right?
Hope you get a chance to talk with Dr. B tomorrow and maybe get in for a visit? You said you like visiting them, so there you go!!!

you should be taking it easy any numbness is a worry and should not be covered up by more meds …take it easy and rest up and get in contact with the doc asp

Stacey Thanks for adding me as your friend. Are you feeling any better?? I am also Dr. Berenstein patient although I have a facial AVM, but I often get headaches they really drain you!! I know how frustrating it can be not getting answers!! Who is your neuro Dr? Let me know how you are doing you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.