Headaches three years after a bleed

Is it quite normal or should i be concerned about having very bad headaches quite often, three years after a bleed and two years after gamma knife?. Can anyone please advise on what medication to take to help these? Many many thanks.
Lisa x

Hi, Lisa, when you have new symptoms a couple of years after treatment, it is a good idea to phone your NS and get checked out. Your NS or neurologist can also prescribe appropriate medications. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the one that works the best for you. Please keep us posted after your appointment. Best wishes!

Hi Lisa, Have to agree with Dancermom, Get on to the Docs, They have headache clinics in the UK as I have been refered to one, They put me on migraine meds rather than just codeine based pain meds and they have helped. No one can advise you also on what meds to take apart from the doctor :) , Just call them in the morning (Tuesday lol !) and make an appointment please don't ever feel like your being a pain to the Docs or going there to often, You need to let them know how things are when they are not going good :( . I hope very much that things get better soon :) . Take care and speak to you soon :)


Will do ,thank you.