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Headaches post Stereotactic Radiation

Hi. I have had 2 rounds of SRS for an AVM in my left occipital lobe. The AVM was initially found on MRI to investigate possible cause of migraine which i have suffered from at a 6-monthly frequency for many years. Since the 2nd round of radiation which was in Oct 2018, I have been getting daily headaches around my left eye. These headaches are in the same area as the migraines I have always suffered from but are not as severe. Has anyone else experienced increased frequency (daily) in headaches post radiation treatment and did you receive an explanation from your treating doctor as to the cause? My radiation oncologist did an MRI and said that everything was normal (I am not sure if by normal he meant no bleeding…). I have my 3rd (final) round of radiation in 2 weeks. Thank you.

Hi @batman! (I never expected to write that!!)

I’ve not had gamma knife but I know folk such as @JD12 who have mentioned things going on at the 6 month mark post op, so it isn’t impossible for it to be an expected stage of the AVM healing up.

I hope some of the other gamma folk will chime in.

Very best wishes


I’m with Richard and have to say it, Hi Batman! It is quite common for there to be some swelling associated to at least gamma knife and it is often quite delayed, and the 6 month mark is one time. At my two week check in with the gamma crew I mentioned daily head feelings, didn’t quite hit the headache mark, just felt odd. They advised likely some swelling. I also had some ice pick headaches that increased in frequency and then slowly disappeared as time passed. I think as the vessels slowly close off you’ll find some odd feelings. Hopefully they go away totally. Take Care, John.