Headaches, Keppra and Dizziness

Hi all! Sadie is 11 year old that is 12 months post craniotomy. Her AVM was in her left temporal lobe. She’s had a “seizure disorder” since the age of 5 but not medicated until about 6 months before her craniotomy. Only had 2-3 Grand Mal in that time. Sadie gets headaches. A LOT of headaches. She’s moody on generic Keppra too, so her doctors and I decided to wean her off her Keppra hoping to help with headaches (maybe stress related, but she says she’s not stressed). Well it’s been 2 weeks and she has dizziness and headaches every day. She’s missing a lot of school. Anyone have any insight. We are all stumped. Thanks!

Good luck to you guys! I’m 16 and never had any sezziures my whole life. 2 months ago I found out I had an avm in my right temporal lobe when it hemoraged. 2 weeks ago I had a craniotimy that removed my avm and I’m recovering well and I feel normal again with no headaches or mood changes I to am on keppra and I don’t seem to have any side effects I guess everyone is different , sorry I couldn’t help! Good luck

Thank you!!! Best of luck on your recovery :slight_smile:

Hello Tawnya, I to had a left side frontal lobe AVM which bled, I was rushed to hospital and had surgery a week later there they clipped the bleed. Because of the bleed I had a massive stroke and lost the use of my right-side, that was back in 2011 plenty of physio etc I'm slowly getting there. In February 2012 I had my first seizure, to control them I started on Eplim which didn't work I was tired all the time, then I was changed to Lamotrigine which played around with my nerves, had a slight shake ( which I call my good side) in my left hand. I''ve been on Keppra 750mg twice a day and touch wood they are working (last seizure in August 2012, where I had two in one day). Yes I have mood swings and really bad headaches everyday, but I''ve been told to give the Keppra a go. The left side frontal lobe has something to do with your personality and mood swings so I'm told, everyone reacts different to medication. I am 41year's old now and 39 when it happened to me, yes it's hard, any AVM survivor would say the samething, I'm sure Sadie must find it hard, any 11year old would. I listen to my doctors and consultants they are there to help and I'm sure they will help Sadie, being there for her, keeping positive and staying strong is the key. Everyday can be different, talking to other AVM survivors has helped me, I hope this has helped in some way, this site is really helpful and people on here are really friendly,.