Headaches constantly

Just wondering if others get headaches and dizziness every time you get a bump on the head?

I have a 10-year-old who has a plate on the right side. She got hit with a basketball twice last week and smacked her forehead on a metal bar at a playground. She bumps, gets hit, etc. I can’t tell if she’s scared that something bad is going to happen or if it really hurts every time.

What do all of you think?

I think I would put in a call to her neurologist since your daughter has had multiple surgeries. I am just sorry she hurts!

I agree with Barbara; call your neurologist. Better to check it out and get some peace of mind. Let us know what happens!


Swami, do you get headaches whenever you bump your head?

When I'm about to get a migraine (with auras and the scintilating scotoma--the whole shebang), I tend to bump my head more often, like I don't know where my head is in relation to the rest of my body. I did a little research into it and wonder if it's something wrong with the proprioception art of the brain because that deals with your perception of your body in relation to the rest of the world . It makes me so frustrated!! And it does seem to hurt worse in those days before the migraine too. It's weird.