Headaches before surgery

Has anyone who has had a brain AVM rupture had headaches before treatment was done. She is saying that she is having a constant pain from her eyes to about 3/4 of the way around her head. It is on both sides now and had it on the left side only about 3 days ago other than that she says she has not had anything like this besides the headache. Was just looking for any input on this that anyone might have. Also her AVM is on the Left Parietal and has ruptured, and it is still swollen. Thanks

I had a brainstem cavernous malformation rupture last february. My surgery got scheduled for March 1 and yes the rupture gave me headache until surgery.

When is your wife surgery? Is she still at the hospital or is she at home now?

sorry my response was so quick yesterday! Headaches is very common after a rupture! is she having other symptoms/deficits from the rupture?

She is having problems with blurt vision she can’t remember how to do a lot of things and she is getting so frustrated with it. She is out of the hospital right now but have no idea on her surgery though. Thanks for the info to it means a lot.