Headaches and Botox

My apologizes, I can’t remember who was posting about possibly having botox injections for headaches. I’m pretty sure it was in this community…

Anyway, below is a link to very interesting information about botox and headaches and how it all works:


That was me.

grabs mouse to click on link and go read the article

The more “my people” who know a thing or two about medicine watch me, read my headache tracker (did you know there is an app for that?), the more inclined we are to think that what I’ve got are not migraines, but they are persistent PTH - post-traumatic headaches. In other words, what the doc did to prevent a brain bleed and really really bad outcomes gave me a TBI and that gave me a PTH and since the PTH didn’t go away in three months, my PTH became a PPTH. And everything I’ve read so far said if you have a PPTH, then, my friend, you are SOL and… thus endeth my acronymical headache discussion for now.

And that caused my PPTH TBI induced head to tell me to put the computer away for a bit before the teenagers come home. I think I will listen to it and will talk to you all soon.


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I’m in a very similar position. For the medicos they have ‘fixed’ the issue, but the result of the ‘fix’ is (as you say PTH and/or PPTH) and that’s an SOB and I’m also SOL.
Had my headaches been tension related then the Botox could well have been that miracle I’d been hunting for and I would have been like a PIS. But by the sounds just like me, and you TJ, that is not the case.
As I’ve mentioned before I have gone down the botox route, just to rule it out as a treatment option for me and sure I had a real sexy, wrinkle free neck and shoulders. But I would have had to walk everywhere backwards to show it all off LOL otherwise the benefit for me was nil.
And TJ, I totally agree, going over and over the same old, same old just gives me a headache and as we both know, we don’t need any assistance in having headaches. In fact I’m more than willing to donate mine to anyone who wants it… …Does anybody want one?.. …anybody?.. …No?.. …tsk. …Ohh that’s disappointing… But not surprising tho as I don’t want it either.

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Yeah, based on everything you’ve both said and taking into account my years as a migraine sufferer (I had migraine before there was imitrex, I was in the human trials for that, not too date myself too terribly much) I was thinking there wasn’t gong to be a migraine-based treatment out there to help either one of you.

Traumatic brain injury, whether accidental or the result of fixing something else is a huge mystery. Damage is damage is damage. You get enough damage and you get SOL…



This is a great thread for those in the know but can someone translate each of the TLAs or FLAs as i think we could help more people if it was in English :slight_smile: It’s like being a school governor… a whole new language you never knew you needed to know.



Apologies from me DickD, most of my acronyms are short for language that probably shouldn’t be used here, despite it being honest, maybe too honest. My Bad.
But here goes:-
PTH= Post Traumatic Headache
PPTH=Persistent Post Traumatic Headache
TBI=Traumatic Brain Injury
And now the others
SOB=Son of a B$#%@H - An unfortunate person
SOL=S&*t out of luck or S&*t on the liver - Having no fortune or Not very happy
PIS=Pig in S&*t - Being a very fortunate person
So, those are the ones I know of or have used

Now as for TLA and FLA… …???.. I’m not really sure. Sorry.


TBH it was SOL IDK.