Headaches after surgery

yah, it could be tension, but the physical therapist thinks it is due to lack of skull and the large amount of scar tissue remaining. i could take a daily pain med but that would destroy my stomach, liver, and kidneys over time. id rather just truck on through and learn a way to deal with it. im sorry you feel so aweful! hopefully itll be better for you after a year or so…god bless.

are u ok now? wish your headache has been cured.

Amanda, I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with the headaches, but I have to admit I’m glad to hear others talking about having headaches.

I had my surgery in May and the recovery was really easy, but the last week or so I’ve been dealing with some ugly headaches. Almost as bad as migraines without the nausea.

I’m so sorry scotswoman, headaches are the worst. Parhaps a menthol rub used on your temples and back of head could help ease some of the pressure? Good luck, I hope u can get some relief

I didn’t think of the menthol rub, I’ve been using cold compresses which provide minimal relief. I’ll have to try the menthol this weekend

My avm was not operable ;( I suffer from headaches especially when the weather changes. I have had 2 gamma knife procedures. I did not have headaches prior to finding the avm. Any suggestions on relief??

Sure, I did. Still do, unfortunately. We can classify them as migraines therefore it has opened up other treatments. For example, I get Botox injections in my scalp every 3 months and it has really helped knock down the frequency and intensity. I also have Fiorcet as a back up for when I feel one coming on. The neurologists don't know the "why" which is really frustrating, but the treatments help.

YES! It will be 3 years in February and STILL i get headaches on a near daily basis...i have just come to terms with them and live life as normal as i can thinking its a small price to pay for life... God bless

Hello. I had an AVM blee three and a half years ago. I had a craniotomy and the AVM was completely removed. I had daily headaches for over three years. I also had three seizures. My brother suggested changing my diet. This past January, I started eating a lot of organic food...organic chicken, milk cheese and butter. I do eat many non-organic, since it is very expensive. I have however cut out 99% of processed foods and sugar. My headaches have almost completely gone away except for an occasional migraine. I think cutting out the processed food was the main thing. I also stopped any food with corn syrup.

Ihave a headache every morning when I first get up, it does suside once I am up & moving around Miss Daisey

My husband had his surgery in October 2013, he did not have any headaches. But currently he has a feeling like heaviness in head otherwise he is okay. He does not have severe pain, its very mild but still he never experienced it before surgery. God bless everyone with His countless mercy.

Hi Amanda, I'm a year plus from my bleed and also around 10 months from my removal surgery so 2 Craniotomies and I still have headaches, My doctors have switched my meds from regular pain meds to migraine preventers to try stop them. there is obviously a lot of comments on this thread but the one thing that helps me is rest/sleep which is hard to do when I work full time again and have 3 young kids (boys), Anything you try or think of doing do it with the agreement of your doctors who know your case better than anyone else. :) . Also if its encouraging the headaches aren't as bad as they were so I can see improvement on them due to time not meds .... the old saying "time heals all wounds" is sounding good for me. hope this helps and take care :)