Headaches after MRI

well my fiance just had his MRI last Tuesday....again they injected him with that special dye. A couple of days after he began to experience headaches, nausea and is coming down with something. He seems to be really out of it and really sick. Is this normal? or is this something we should get checked out right away. we went and got a requistion to get his liver checked because of the dilantin use. We found that after the MRI ( with that special dye) that his urine really smelled BAD> is this normal, or is this a bad sign?

Can someone please tell me what we should do? I know visiting the doctor is important but I don't want to run to the doctor every time we (or should I say I) gets nervous about this AVM.

Sandeep, No. It's not normal. It sounds like he is having a bad reaction from the dye. Some people do. I would, without a doubt, call the doctor tomorrow. First thing in the morning. I have had several mri's with contast/dye and I have never had what your fiance is experiencing. Talkto your fiance about this but, he can always got the ER too. Since it hasn't subsided. He should not be feeling like this from an mri/dye.

Smelly urine isn't normal from the dye either, not a week later.

Call the doctor... That's what I would do. It's always better to play it safe.

Is it possible that he may be coming down with the flu? Eiher way, it's best the see he doctor (in my opinon). Take care... Ben

When I had my MRI and cerbral angiogram the doctors and nurses stressed how important it was to flush the die out of my system as quickly as possible. Has he been drinking lots of water? If it was me I would see the doctor to rule out a reaction to the die. Best wishes.

Thanks guys.

He is going to a life lab today to get his liver checked and I will most definitely take him to the doctor. He normally suffers from seasonal allergies as well, so i think that may have to do with as well...but he does drink lots of water, but I think we need to up the intake. Hopefully this will go away, because it has been a week.

Please keep us informed as to his progress!

Please go to ER right away. Get this checked ASAP. We're no doctor but this is a critical issue that cannot be postponed.

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hey guys

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Got him checked, they said it was a reaction to the dye, and that he should just flush it out. we are STILL waiting to hear back from his neurologist. I HATE this waiting game. Sure, Canada has free medical, and him being status Indian, great free drugs ( not the best thing actually, if not worse) but this WAITING is really beginning to make me angry. We just want things to be stable, see where we are with this so we can live our lives. It's been a month since we have been engaged, and all we want is to set a wedding date and celebrate our great lives together! And share our love with our families!!!! Argh, soo frustrating.....sorry, I am venting, but it is what it is.