Headaches after Gamma Knife

i had rhe Gamma Knoife treatment olmost a year ago. I am suffering from very bad headaches any suggestions?

Sorry to hear about your headaches. I have not had the Gamma Knife treatment but I have been taking magnesium b12 b1 also I stay away from gluten products which can cause inflammation. Also celery seed extract is supposed to be good for many things including pain esp nerve pain.
Good luck

I had GK for my AVM in June & a crani for 2 aneurysms in July. In September, my headaches/migraines started getting worse again & they moved locations in my head. My neurosurgeon sent me to a neurologist. She put me on nortriptylene & had me start better sleep habits (lack of sleep is one of my triggers.) I had my 2nd GK 5 weeks ago & had headaches for a few days after that, but otherwise have been ok.