Is it possible to have a headache that is not severe, like I have heard that is related to a bleed, cause a small bleed? I had one over the weekend and became severely dizzy. This went on for Saturday, Sunday, and early Monday. I thought I was better Monday, so I exercised. I felt extremely tired, stop what I was doing, immediately became dizzy and lightheaded. It felt like I was going to have a seizure. This is how I feel right before I have one, but it never progressed into one. I did check my blood pressure. It was 133/100. Could that have been it? Any opinions would be welcome.

I have had three AVMs and never knew about them until the day the largest one bled, which caused a massive headache. After four years of MRIs and no repeat headaches following treatment, the two smaller AVMs were found, but I had had no signs whatsoever that they existed. I would recommend getting a CT scan at the least. While every case is unique, in my experience, a headache only occurred at the time of a bleed.

Hi Melissa. My advice would be to try not to panic However you might want to go and see your doctor/neurologist just to check everything is okay. As Hermione says, we are all different. Some people get headaches that are not connected with their AVM, some don’t. Personally speaking when I pick up a bug or get a cold I seem to suffer worse than I used to. It might just be my imagination I guess but I get headaches, blocked ears and catarrh. One thing I would say is that you should be careful when exercising after any illness until you know it is completely gone. If you overdo it you can make things worse for yourself. Take care.

I have not had anymore dizziness since the the 3rd of this month. Hopefully it was nothing.