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Headache after angiogram

Has anyone had a bad headache after an angiogram? My husband told me that I always have one after I do. I cant remember. I just had one done last year. I have had many angiograms since 2012. Dont remember any bad headaches after any of them.

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I’ve had two angiograms and I didn’t have any headaches after. I rarely have headaches though, despite my big AVM in my brain.

Bless you!

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I’ve had three angiograms and didn’t have any headaches after the two I remember. One occurred while I was in the hospital with the bleed and remember little of several days. I do clearly recall some portions of quite the head ache but not related to the angio!

I’m a little different because I suffer from bad headaches every day since my AVM bled 4 years ago. However, angiograms always seem to make my head worse. My neurosurgeon said that it’s not the procedure itself but the dye that they use that can irritate the brain tissue. So if a headache does develop after an angiogram they recommend drinking plenty of fluids to wash the dye out. Good luck!

@Melissa_Joyce_Lott_C After my first one yes it was terrible I think because I freaked out cause I thought there was a spider in my brain and my hr was raised and they did a main line iv which really hurts and I have a high tolerance of pain. When I am in pain I want to hit something or someone ( have twin brothers) and told them you better knock me out or I am going to hit you…well they did… My head did hurt the second time too but not as bad as the first. I am also allergic to the Iodine they use and have to take a bunch of steroids for a few days prior to the angiogram. I think the first time it lasted over a month and the second time 2-3 weeks.

I’ve had 2 and dont recall any headaches but scheduled for one next month so i can reoprt back if you like… God bless!

Only after one angiogram. I had a bad migraine and was vomiting. They gave me tramadol and zofran and I was good again after about 30 mins to an hour.

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Hi there, I had a bad migraine type headache following my angiogram. I also experienced visual problems whiel recovering in the hospital bed. The headache went after an hour or so. I was advised to drink more water before and immediately after.
al the best

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Yes, not only a headache but I got really nauseous. The doctor said it was a reaction to the dye.

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Hello Melissa. I’ve had many angiograms over the years. In nearly everyone I have never had any headache. I recall an angiogram about 6 years ago where I got a pain in the head. I assumed it was because of a combination of having to lie deadly flat and still for so long and not being allowed to have any liquids. I can’t wee in a bottle so even when I was allowed to drink I limited my intake until I was able to stand up and go to the toilet.

How long did your headache last after this angiogram?

At least 24 hours. Very painful. My husband says I do it every time I have one. I don’t remember.

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Hi,pauline here from UK. I’ve had headaches whenever I’ve had angio. I thought everyone did, silly me. When I found out about mine it was at least 30 years ago and medicine was SO bad, but not like the new meaning of bad v sick if you get my words. It was a new discovery at the time and docs knew so little about avm studies. Luckily for us docs are quick learners and can do so much more than 40 years ago. But they still saved my life when it bled even in those ancient times. So relax, trust the docs and follow their guidance. I will follow your gradually return to wellness. Lots of love Pauline xxxxx

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I’d say it is like having a hangover… its the contrast material getting into the same place as the alcohol molecules, I think.

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