Head pains after GK surgery

I had GK surgery on a 1.18 cm avm about 2 weeks ago. I am currently on steroids to help prevent brain swelling. The last few days I have been getting pains in right side of head that last only a few seconds… Anyone else have this experience? Is it possible to get edema so soon and while on steroids? It ruptured June 24th thia year and they did embolization on it that night which took care of most leaving the 1.18 cms that was left… I know what the headache feels like when it bleeds from when it happened but this has me a little freaked out

Hi, and welcome to our group! Great that you found us, but too bad you had a reason to look for us! I had gamma knife in November 2016, that was following a bleed in May 2016. I didn’t have a lot of head pain shortly afterwards, more heavy and odd feelings. A few months after I did have some swelling, but I also had sharp pains I saw referred to as ice pick head aches. They were fairly frequent, and slowly subsided over time and I can’t remember the last time I had one. I will tell you the first several times it happened, I was really scared. It was sudden intense pain ad then subsided quickly. I thought bleeding, it was that sudden and painful.

It is always a good idea to speak to your Dr. I was advised swelling can occur to some degree shortly after but is common a little further down the road. The steroids should impact that for sure. I’m not sure if I was a help or not? When is your next scan? I had an MRI a year after GK, and then after year 2 followed by the angio. Take Care, John.

Hi yes I spoke wit nurse practitioner and was advised to just keep an eye on the headaches and if thay come and not go then head to ER. I go back in 6 months for a scan so about march of next year. Just Gerry scared of another bleed. And today I got a slight dizzy spell also that sent my anxiety thru the roof for sure. I still had some residual spotting from the bleed on my brain so i wonder if this is also a factor in my headaches . That was left to heal on its own which happen back in june so idk how long that takes to fully heal

I hear you for sure on the far of another bleed, I was really worried. This subsided for me as time went on, anything out of the usual certainly raised the angst! I tell the story about working out in the gym, after I was allowed to again. It was months after GK, I was using a set of dumbbells on an incline bench, one side was weaker than the other. I put the weights on the floor, no severe headache, did the squeeze test with each hand, that was fine. Took a couple deep breaths, looked in the mirror, and stuck my tongue out, straight, so that was good. Then looked at the weights, one was 5 lbs heavier than the other. While that should have been my first thought, after having the bleed and related issues it was not where my mind immediately went. I thought stroke.

One thing I ay a lot of attention to is proper hydration, if i get dehydrated at all I get light headed. I track my water and use a lot of sport electrolytes when exercising. I steer clear of the sugar type sport drinks but go with tabs like Nuun or powders like Biosteel. Particularly when hot or very active. Take Care, John.

I was getting similar head pains but it was before gamma knife from the time I was diagnosed back in march with an AVM with a hematoma. The needle type headaches ive had which are unpleasant sharp pains like needles being poked. I’ve had the swelling feeling I had off and on from March to August no awful swelling going on for the last two months. I had gamma knife Sept 1st and haven’t had headaches or swelling going on. I don’t know if this any help since mine occured before gamma knife and lasted about five months off and on.

Yea the headaches I was getting before GK were pressure like headaches now they are sharp. Idk its weird it didnt seem to concern my neuro nurse so ina just keep a watch on myself and hope gor the best and that this goes away. I jeep doing mirror checks on my smile and tongue and eyes. I was suppose to start steroid day after my surgery and the pharmacy messed up and didnt fill it for another weeks nd never told me it was filled . they had my steroid insert on my pepcid insert and my goofy self didnt even look at the pills to nake sure what i was taking so for about 2 weeks i was taming just pepcid

Hi Leighann, I had a similar experience after my Gk, and felt generally quite unwell for a few weeks. I was quite anxious and asked people here for their experiences. I had general feeling of malaise, tiredness and the ‘ice pick’ headaches just as you describe. It all passed after a few weeks. I wish you well.

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Yes mine gas subsided thank god! Thank u so much for responding

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I’m happy for you!! I know exactly how anxious it makes you having these pains following treatment.