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Head falls asleep

Have a bit of a funny question for all of you. After having your brain surgeries have any of you ever had that spot fall asleep? It happened to me at work today. It rarely happens. I’d say maybe once a month. It’s not painful only lasts a minute or 2 but it’s just a strange thing.

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If you mean the tingly numbness sensation, then yes. It used to happen about once or twice a month, then over the years it has dwindled. It’s been 15 yrs since my craniotomy & is so infrequent now that I freak out for a minute, until I remember that it’s not a warning sign of bigger things.

Yea it’s the tingling numbness felling. It’s a very rare occurrence and that’s why it makes me a little nervous. It’s been 20 years when my AVM rupture started. 19 years since my last surgery.

I get nervous every time. But I’ve had two neurologists now tell me its nothing to worry about. I recently had an mri done & nothing has changed since my 2012 scan so I think its just another weird thing to add to the ‘new normal’ list.

Don’t know if this means anything but I just kinda zoom out. Like I’ll be sitting using the computer and all the sudden forget what I’m doing or what I’m about to do. I tell myself to wake up. O nice kitty Julia! :smile: