Haziq 1 years old

Haziq was a newborn when I last put up his picture, here he is at one years old

Oh my Ameenah, is he a year already??! What a cutie! How are you my friend, haven’t heard from you in a while?

Hi Trish, well you know, not a 100%, but I'm not going to complain, I m glad to be alive !!!!!!!!!

Haziq will go to daycare soon, I watch him while my daughter goes to Temple Univ. I guess sometime during the summer he will go to daycare.

How did you make out with getting off your medicine ?

I am completely off the anti depressant now and the only medication I take is for high blood pressure. It was actually not bad getting off of it. I feel pretty well most days so I would really like to avoid going back on it, if possible. I gained the 30 pounds really quickly on the meds, but it sure is slow to come off! I go to the gym at least 3 days a week, but this extra weigh is stubborn! I’m glad you are doing well and spending lots of time with that baby! Stay well!

That is good Trish, completely off !!!!!!!!!!

People may need anti-depressants sometimes, but I think the doctors are took quick o prescribe them in general.

Some doctors act as if they never heard of unhappiness, you don't need anti-depressants for uhappiness, you need to fix the problem, instead some docs give a pill and the issue stays, but the person feels good.

If anti-depressants are needed I understand that, but lately doctors are prescribe them for anybody.

Gaining a little can be taking care of, it's better than losing a lot, lol