Having cerebral angiogram next week

…August 3rd, to be exact. I think this is to tell if I am a suitable candidate for the onyx embolization. I went for preadmission tests on Tuesday. Just my luck, I found out today that I have protein in my urine, so I have to go on medication. On top of that, I have a miserable toothache on the left side…as well as a left side earache. Oh, and ,my headache is over my left brow! I am not a happy camper tonight…thanks for listenong.


Hi, Connie-
Very interested to hear about the progress. Please keep us posted!

Poor Connie you are having a time of it, the earache is probably from the toothache hope it gets to feeling better soon. I have my Angio on Sept 16th. Will be praying for a good outcome.

Hi Connie,

Hope the angiogram goes well and that all the other things get better soon.

Take care,


good luck had an angio myself but not the same wish u lots of good energy and luck keep us posted