Havent heard anything

I went for an mri and a ct scan back in Febuary and have still not heard anything! Iam getting so upset and wish that the doctors would have the heart to at least communicate with their patients. I know that he doesnt feel comfortable touching my avm but I also dont feel comfortable just living with an avm on my brain. I just dont know what to do anymore. I want this thing out of my head and I dont want to have to worry about having a bleed at any time. Sorry for the upsetblog but i just had to vent.

I know what you are going through, its basically the worst feeling in the world having doctors tell you they cant do anything… and leave you to do what? walk around everyday wondering is today the day? its scary really scary… But stay strong we can fight this :slight_smile:

Amanda! Sorry to hear you haven’t heard back. But no worries on the “venting!” We all need to have a bratty, unhappy, angry, “pity pit,” whatever kind of post once in a while (I’ve done mine!) and this is the best place to do it. Everyone here completely understands your frustration, fear, etc.
Have you called their office though? Are you supposed to be scheduled for a follow up consult to discuss the results? I mean I’m assuming they didn’t just do the test for the fun of it, right? :slight_smile:
Call them and be annoying…if this doc doesn’t feel comfortable treating your AVM can he recommend some other more “risk tolerant” docs that might???
Hang in there!

I agree with Shalon on both counts. Call for you results; doctors don’t seem to understand that we are sitting by our phones,anxious for some answers! Also, we are here for you to vent! I’ve had many pity parties and my friends here either join in with me or offer advice! We are here for you, Amanda!

Oh yes call them ,they should have called you by now.WE ARE ALL HERE FOR YOU !!!

Hi Amanda
Yup I agree with the girls get on the phone and bug him till you get some answers. It would be the same if he was the one with an avm. And no worries if we can’t vent here where can we, take care.

Hi Amanda. I missed you joining. I live near Toronto. Where did you have the scans done? Would you consider getting a second opinion in Toronto at all? I can’t BELIEVE you have not heard anything about your results! have you made lots of phone calls? I know from experience that it is possible to get lost in the crowd of sick people!!! It happened to us. I was patiently waiting for an appt. and when I finally called, they had somehow forgotten about us!! I learned from that NOT to wait, Now I just call and bug them!!! I would go and pick up my records and send them to Toronto Western for a second opinion if you haven’t done that yet. My son had a seizure too and that is how we found out about his. I am thinking of you. Just ask if you need help.

Thank you everybody for your suggestions and the support!!

keep on pushing amanda. Some of these doctors have the personality of a plank of wood ! keep strong my friend, we are all with you, take care, Chris xxx