Haven't been able to get surgery

Hello everyone,i'm trying to find other people. I tried to have a surgery but it was too dangerous. I feel tired with my AVM i feel frustrated and i feel lonely. I want to find a cure. I'm in high school, is anyone else feeling tired or frustrated or something like that?

Hi Giselle. I am so glad you posted here. good for you and perhaps some other young people in particular will comment. Please join our teenage group, as that will put you in contact with others your age. Here is the link for you.


Make sure you try to have a good support system at home, like your parents and close family members. Make sure you share your feelings with your loved ones and if you like to write, maybe you write your feelings down on paper (or on a computer). Please make sure you do not go through this alone. All the best Gisselle and hang in here.

Hi Giselle,

I am sorry to hear that your AVM is inoperable. I definitely understand how frustrating that can be. I have a brain AVM that is too deep for surgery and more than 100 pulmonary AVMs - the PAVMs can be treated for the most part, but they still cause me tons of trouble.

I think Debra’s suggestions were great. Join the group … you’ll probably find people your age who completely understand and “get” you. Your at-home support is important too. It’s easy to feel as if others are too busy or just don’t understand, but don’t let that stop you. Open and honest communication is important, so find someone close who will listen.

I’ll be thinking of you. Take care and keep smiling,