Have to get well . . . quick!

Fighting the onset of one of my chronic sinus infections. Have to get well before Tuesday's brain surgery. Lots to do yet to get ready. Prayers, please.

Hi Mike,

Hey I can relate to chronic sinus infections. Over the past few years, I have almost perpetual sinus infections. They get bad enough, and I cough enough, that I go to the DR. He gives me an RX for antibiotics. 8 days later, I feel a little better, then a week after that, I feel the next one coming on.

A friend who had a lot of food allergies suggested I go to the holistic place she went, and have them run some tests. They drew some blood, and ran the white blood cells against common foods. (I had gone to the ENT dr and was taking allergy drops for 35+ different outside allergies.)

When I went back, they had the blood test report...... I was "sensitive" (I used the word allergic, but it really is different levels of sensitivities.) Items not good for me: Beef, Pork, potatoes, corn, garlic, soy, fruitose, coffee, tea, beer, pepper.......... and the list went on and on. Basically, it was almost all the foods I eat! The Dr explained that my blood cells were so busy fighting the foods I was eating, it had nothing left to fight infections.

They suggested I not any of these foods for 3 months, then start adding items in one at a time.

I can't believe how much better I got right away! I stopped with the allergy drops. And I pretty much eat whatever now, without issues.

The downside is this wasn't covered by insurance, but the results have been priceless. Before I would go through a bag of cough drops a day. Now I'm down to a handful when I work out.

Might be something to consider. Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

If I can start taking Airborne right when I start feeling bad…I can usually fight off an infection. I have Tuesday marked on the calendar! Please keep us informed!

Good luck!!! wish the best results. You will see everything is going to be great>>
>>> God bless. You will be on my prayers!!!

Prayers being sent, Mike...both for nixing the sinus infection and a successful surgery with quick recovery!

Best wishes, Connie

Best wishes to you Mike. Please let us know how you're doing!

You're not alone, Mike...remember that.

Get better real SOON!
Best wishes on your upcoming surgery & for a smooth recovery. :)

Hope you are feeling better and praying your surgery goes perfectly with a speedy recovery! Keep us updated.