Haunted Inbox?

Strange thing happened here while I was typing ( yes I am aware my typing is trange using only three fingers…) to one person when suddenly Joy appears in print while simultaneously a very adorable young mans face is on the screen ( not Joy’s lovely face ) whose name I could not read because my computer informed me that there was a problem that had ocurred ( other than my spelling errors ) and I should contact avms ( my pet name for site ) but I could not do so because for a few seconds no buttons worked and I was obviously in the twilight zone .
Next moment Joy is there telling me ( In text not in person , don’t worry I am not yet completely delusional ) that our in-boxes ( Stop that snickering …) are haunted and that every time she sends a message to me it disappears …
Two questions ;

  1. Anyone else experiencing technical or haunting issues ?
  2. To whom would I report this phenomenon ?

ha ha!!! I don’t know about the haunting part… Maybe it IS that “adorable young man” that is haunting you girls?

Actually, I think it was Barb that told me she tried to send me a private message and it didn’t go through yesterday. I haven’t noticed anything weird though.

You would def want to report to Ben. But I’m not sure he can do much with “my inbox is haunted!” :slight_smile:

ok…well apparently the haunting is site wide. The message center is temporarily unavailable at the moment when I tried to go there. So we’ll see!

ok…well apparently the haunting continues Shalon…You came on with your lovely self and before I could read your words past the HA HA part the computer screen made you disappear but informed me ( in printed words ) that the Broad Band was down because of…and then I did a soft boot and here I am .
The reason I wrote the post was because the message center informed me ( in printed word-no voices ) that the message center is unavailable .
So I’M TELLING BEN because maybe he has computerized magical abilities that I do not ( as yet ) have . Though there are those who believe I do have a bit of magical witchness in me…or is that mis-spelled ??

hee hee… I think it must be “witchy-ness!”

Hello Barb . I don’t know about you but my crazy has kept me sane . Computers , broad-band and web sites I know nothing about .
Shalon , OH I thought there was a b I had forgotten …
By the way -I told Ben in case he has magical powers or needs to perform surgery on the site .

ha ha ha!!! Oh Marianne!!!- I totally missed your joke! Missing the b… hee hee hee. Never!!!

haha just seeing this now! SO funny. I just hate when I type a long message and then it won’t send and I think I’m going to lose the whole thing! I haven’t tryed it today…
I still think it’s haunted and I wish the adorable young man would visit ME!

Seriously. Where do I sign up to be haunted too?