Has avm gone

we are still waiting for Luke's post op angio even though his neurosurgeon says he is pretty confident he got it all i am still a little worried has anyone had a similar experience in that the surgeon has said this but then found they haven't

Congratulations. I will pray that all his AVM is gone. Since Luke is a developing child…perhaps the doctors will agree to do a follow-up a few years down the road. This might ease your worries.

Congratulations! That's awesome news :) I had my craniotomy when I was 14 and I'm now 19, and my doctors have been very diligent in doing follow-ups this whole time. They are still doing follow-ups every 6 months, for the exact reason Barbara said: since my brain was (is) still developing, they want to make sure nothing new grows back. If there was anything that was missed, they will almost certainly catch it.