Has anyone used neurosurgeon Mr Leon Lai?

Hi I’ve recently been diagnosed with a grade 1 AVM and 2 aneurysms. I’m seeing a doctor at the Monash Medical Centre (Melbourne, Australia) called Mr Leon Lai who has suggested the best course of action for my situation is surgery. Has anyone else used Leon?

Hi MJB, Mr Leon Lai did a laminectomy at T10 to fix a DAVF in Oct 2015. Since the operation I can walk again. It was an operation with great risk, but I have no other option. I am glad that I gave my consent for Mr Leon Lai to go ahead with the treatment plan. Since the operation I have seen him for check-up in January 2016 and June 2016. What’s happening after the surgery and the healing process followed exactly as he explained to me before the surgery. After the surgery I was transferred from Monash hospital to the Victorian Rehabilitation centre on Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley as an in-patient for 3 weeks and as an outpatient for 6 months visiting 1 hour/week. Now I can walk ca. 3 Km without stopping. Before surgery I can barely walk.

Great to hear from you Franz_K. That does sound like very serious and specialised surgery. How wonderful for you to be able to walk properly again…and 3km is just incredible.

I am nervous, like many AVM/aneurysm patients, about the thought of surgery and I really was keen to hear from someone who had surgery performed by Leon.
I get a really positive feeling from him. He seem very competent and has a great empathy for his patients …but this world of neurosurgery is completely new to myself and my family. I suppose I just want to do my research and make the right decisions. Take some control of the things I can.
Leon encouraged me to utilise these networks and I’m so glad I have. I can’t tell you what it means to get this.
So thanks Fran_K :smile:

Hi Marian,

If you like to have a second opinion I suggest to have a consultation
with Mr John McMahon. His consultation room is at suite 23, Cabrini
Hospital. 183 Wattletree Rd., Malvern, Vic 3144. Phone: 03-9576 1360. I
had 3 brain surgeries performed by Mr Mc Mahon to remove a 30 mm benign
tumor. First surgery was in May 2010… than the tumor re-appeared
after 5 years. I had 2 surgeries performed in February 2015 to
completely clean-up the tumor and followed by one shot of radio therapy.
Latest MRI scan 6 months ago shows that the tumor has not re-appeared
at all :-). Mr McMahon is a very caring surgeon and look after his
patients very well. I just called his office to ask and he perform AVM
surgery too.

Thanks for the tip.
Sounds like you have been through a lot.


Yes you are right … I am still happy enjoying my life, travel a
lot discovering our world and still work full time :slight_smile:
Life has to go on … even with a few health problems.

Hi Marian,
Just wanted to say hello to you and hope you are OK now after recovering from surgery.

Hello there has anyone had AVM operation done by Dr Leon Lai ? HD 2 different opinion from 2 different surgeons , quite stressed,

Hi Siri,

I had a Spinal AVM performed by Dr Leon Lai in Oct 2015. Please see earlier messages on this topic.

Kind regards,