Has anyone tried hemp oil to manage and improve symptoms or after effects?

Hi everyone. I'm brand new here. I stumbled on the site on Facebook and found my way here late last night.

Anyway, my AVM rupture (which I now jokingly call the "brain blowout")... happened nearly 4 years ago in my right frontal lobe. I'm on full disability now for the aftereffects of the initial brain bleed and all the following surgeries.

I was wondering if anyone here has tried hemp oil to help manage symptoms? My husband has MS and just applied for a medical marijuana card. There's a TON of research out of Europe and Canada on the effectiveness of the oil on a wide range of disorders - mostly neurological - so I was wondering if anyone here had any first hand knowledge?

Thanks! Looking forward to reading everyone's posts and getting to know you all.

Tina, some members have used medical marijuana to control seizures; others have reported that medical marijuana made their seizures worse. If you try it, please do so under a doctor's supervision. Why types of symptoms are you trying to improve?

Hi Tina, thanks for posting this discussion and I will be interested in reading the responses. Best wishes to your husband.

I deal with severe fatigue, very low stamina - especially for mental tasks, emotional roller coasters and a few other highlights. But those are the ones that I've heard might be helped by the oil. I was just curious if others had seen improvement with any of these. Luckily I've never had seizures although I'm on some pretty beefy anti seizure meds to make sure - that are also supposed to help with the mood stability.

I have not yet heard of anyone on the site being helped by medical marijuana for fatigue, stamina, or concentration issues, Tina. If you try it and see improvement with these issues, be sure to report back, as that would be new information for us.