Has anyone had a Stereotactic Surgery (SRS)?

Hey Guys! Hope all is well! I’ve decided to try radiology to treat the rest of my AVM. So me and family are currently looking for a Radiosurgeon. If anyone could recommend a surgeon that would be awesome. Someone who could perform a Stereotactic Surgery (SRS) or Gamma Knife procedure preferably in the NY NJ area. Have any of you guys had a SRS? In the meantime I started school again.


There are alot on here who have had Gamma and other forms of radiation. I hope someone can help you find a good hospital and doctor in your area to go to because that is really important.
Good luck Tiffani.

I had Linac surgery in Atlanta GA. It has been a long process with lots of ruts in the road for me as I have traveled it. I developed radionecrosis which turned out to be more of a nightmare for me than I think the AVM. I would be glad to answer any questions you have about my radiation journey

how large was your AVM, I was told necrosis is rare with AVM’s?