Has Anyone did a BLOG before?

Hello my AVM Friends!
I was thinking of doing a blog just so i can read back on my journey as i am very forgetfull! haha.

Has anyone done this before? Whats your thought on this and if you have one could you give me your link!? I would love to read about your journey....

I put this under general but i feel it will also raise awareness!

Lv Lynn xxx

I have a blog - but channel it to a focus - or at least trying to anyway to more business-like topics that border on creative - trying to see if there's a theme of some kind - in any case, totally unrelated to AVM - it's really just for a creative outlet and release; however my family wrote on what's called CarePages for several reasons including to track my play-by-play and all of their emotions.

I think that writing can be very therapeutic for you and can be a great way to document your experience - believe it or not, there are details that you might need to reference, too.

In my case, I was in a coma for about 3 weeks post crani; it was very interesting to get another perspective while I was lullabying...plus I see pix on the website now and come to new realizations, etc.


Holly has her own blog…
And so does Stephanie…
If you click on any of her posts you will find her blog!

Ok who is Kathy Sipple?... be nice... I had brain surgery...lol.

What Barbara said... :) (Thank you Barbara and you too Julie!)

That sounds like a great idea, Lynn. It would be great thing to look back on, and to see how far you've come since your AVM/procedure. It would be a great thing for readers who may be looking for something to relate to.

I've never kept a blog - sometimes I wonder what I have to say is interesting enough. I've written poems about my journey, which I hope to get published sometime in the future.

One of my sisters - you're funny!

I found these on a separate Google search:


newsstory http://southshorenow.ca/archives/2011/051711/news/index023.php