Has anybody experienced this?


I just read an article (see link below) and was just curious about the experiences of these who might be a few years since their brain injuries?


— Tina

No. I never did but, I'm not surprised at what the article states either. Many people who have had a brain injury have been know to develop a problem from it many years after the incident happened. They say it takes the brain a year to heal from any trauma. I often wonder if that is correct (?). I think when they say "a year" they are speaking generally.
The brain is so complex and delicate. That it's hard to tell what, if anything, may occur later in life from any damage it may have occurred. It does make you wonder why it takes so long for something new to appear. As a result of a head injury that happened years ago. If they could figure that out. Perhaps they could eliminate a future problem from it. Wishful thinking, Huh? (smiles)